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Vietnam - Canada Consulting Engineering Company ltd was incorporated as a Joint – Venture Company between Song Da Corporation (before Song Da Group) and RSW INC. Québec (Canada). Total investmnet capital of the Company: 1.000.000 USD, in which the contributed capital is 300.000 USD.

The Company was incorporated with the aim at cooperation, scientific & technological exchange to improve capacity level of consulting construction design for Vietnam engineers, especially in the field of consultancy on design of irrigational - hydropower works. This is traditional field of Song Da Corporation and  RSW Inc (RSW Inc is one of the world’s leading groups in tfhe field of hydropower design, operated and operates over  50 countries in the world).

In July 2007, Song Da Corporation assigned management of state-owned capital to Management Board of Song Da Consulting Joint Stock Company in compliance with regulations on changing model of joint venture companies prescribed by Business Law. In 2008, re-registration was conducted by the Company in accordance with certificate of investment concurrently business license No. 011022000135 granted by People’s Committee of Hanoi City dated May 29th  2008. According to new investment license issued by People’s Committee of Hanoi City dated August 19th  2010, the Company’s contributors comprise of:

+ Song Da Consulting Joint Stock Company contribute of 51% charter capital.

+ RSW Vietnam contribute of 49% charter capital.

In March 2015, comply with the plan “Restructure the Songda Corporation 2012-2015, vision for 2020”, JSC Song Da and consulting RSW Vietnam company register transfer a part of the contributed capital in Vietnam - Canada Consulting Engineering Company Ltd for Mr. Nguyen Thanh Toan and Mr. Tran Huy Quyet according to the capital transfer contract No. 01/2015/HDCD and 02/2015/HDCN date 18th March 2015. According to The Second Investment License by People's Committee of Hanoi issued on June 23rd 2015, the Company’s contributors comprise of:

+ Song Da Consulting Joint Stock Company contribute of 10% charter capital.

+ RSW Vietnam contribute of 20% charter capital.

+ Mr. Nguyen Thanh Toan contribute of 35,5% charter capital.

+ Mr. Tran Huy Quyet contribute of 34,5% charter capital.

Since establishment, the Company was entrusted and facilitated by Song Da Group to prepare technical design and design of construction drawings for Binh Dien Hydropower Project with consultancy value up to 1,100,000 USD (at that time the similar works were employed by Vietnam from foreign consultants). Now entire design and construction for Binh Dien Hydropower Project have been completed, conducted test run of units in end of Quarter I/2009 and put into commercial operation in Quarter II/2009.

With Binh Dien Hydropower Project, the Company also participated in consultancy of project preparation, design and supervision of other irrigational - hydropower projects such as Nam Cong 3 Hydropower Project  (LILAMA 10 acts as Investor); Nam Cong, Nam Soi hydropower projects (North - West Electricity Investment and Development Joint Stock Company as Investor); Nam Khanh Hydropower Project (Song Da 9 Joint Stock Company as Investor); Nam Luc Hydropower Project (Southeast Asia - Nam Luc Hyropower Joint Stock Company as Investor); Nam La Hydropower Project (Viwaseen - Northwest Hydropower JSC as Investor); Hung Loi 2 Hydropower Project (Hung Loi Hydropower JSC as Investor); Sop Bun Hydropower Project (Son La Hydropower JSC as Investor); Nam Cuong Drainage Tunnel (Irrigation 2nd management board - Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development as Investor), To Buong Hydropower Project  (To Buong Hydropower JSC as Investor), Alin B1 Hydropower Project (Truong Phu Hydropower JSC as Investor); Coc San Hydropower Project (Colben Energy Joint Stock Company as a Investor); Bai Thac Irrigation Dam (Thanh Hoa Petroleum ConstructionJoint Stock Company  as a Investor); Irrigation and water supply system for resettlement areas of Trung Son Hydropower by One member limited liability company of Trung Son Hydropower (Electricity Group of  Vietnam) as an investor; Local dike reinforcement project in Hai Duong Province by Project management board of Agriculture and Rural development constructions; Song Sao Reservoir – Nghe An Province by Project management Board of Phu Quy Irrigation Limited Liability Company as an investor; Dakchaliou I&II Hydropower Project (Laos PDR) by VASE as Investor; Ha Tay Hydropower Project by Song Da Tay Nguyen Hydropower JSC as Investor; Song Lo 3, Song Lo 5 and Phuong Do Hydropower Projects by Xuan Thien Ha Giang Ltd as Investor... Projects performed by the Company are highly appreciated quality and progress as well as enthusiasm, responsibilities of the Company’s staffs and engineers.

Design consultancy of several projects conducted by the Company have been completed and they give power generation such as: Binh Đien Hydropower Project (2009), Nam Cong Hydropower Project (2009), Nam Soi Hydropower Project (2009), Nam Cong 3 Hydropower Project (2010), ... well operate and provide national electric network, enhance economic efficiency for employers and economic development of the country.

With motto of enthusiasm, creativeness, update, application of new scientific technical achievements to production and with goal toward customers, Preparation of   customers’ satisfaction by providing high quality of service, reasonable price. We hope to satisfy customers on the basis of cooperation and mutual development ./.


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